Why use Smart ID

Smart ID allows you to login users in a few minutes compared to days of integration and constant maintenance.

National ID cards

Estonian ID card
Latvian ID card
Lithuanian ID card
Portugal ID card
Serbian ID card

Mobile methods

Smart-ID app login in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Mobile-ID in Estonia
Mobile-ID in Lithuania


Signing with Smart-ID mobile app, Mobile-ID and ID cards.
Create HTML forms that can be filled and signed.
Create and sign fully customized PDF documents online.

Simple Pricing

1-500 actions per month

ID card is always FREE with CRL validity check.
0.12EUR per action. Includes Mobile-ID, Smart-ID app logins, ID card and Mobile ID signatures and ID card login with realtime OCSP check.
0.20EUR per Smart-ID app signature. 0.70EUR per worldwide availability Agrello .ID

Higher volumes 500+ Actions

Mobile-ID login, ID card login with realtime check, signatures and  OCSP check 0.06EUR. Smart-ID login 0.10EUR. Smart-ID Signature 0.12EUR. 0.60EUR per worldwide availability Agrello .ID
Min price per day 1EUR.

Useful information

Inspiration and answers regarding e-ID, electronic signatures, ID cards and similar

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