Use cases

Smart ID makes it extremely simple and affordable for anyone to identify your website users and allow them to sign applications, contracts and other documents. Companies below see the benefits of spending at least 10x less than custom ID integrations and avoid the headache of constant maintenance.

Adding EIDAS compliant digital signatures to your website without Smart ID will cost 2000-5000EUR. With help of Smart ID service you can prepare fillable forms that can be signed in 15 minutes. More advanced integrations with Smart ID are very simple, 10x cheaper and need only for 2(3 steps). 1) Send over the PDF to be signed, 2) redirect user to signing page, 3) get the signed file to your e-mail or have the server to retrieve the signed file.

When using WordPress then customer identification is set up with FREE plugin in 2 minutes and there are over 30+ active websites using it. Alternative is around 500EUR custom development and very specific hosting server setup that is not available in most of the ISP-s.

Featured customers and their use cases.

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