Why to add e-ID login to your website?

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e-ID login is secure way and fast way to find out who is the actual person on the website or app. Governments are issuing national ID cards that are used as official travel documents. If these have chip and electronic function then you can login to tax office website, health system to see your medical records, register name for your newborn kid etc. This is fully backed up in EU with eIDAS framework.

Smart-ID make using these strong methods very easy. Many programming companies love the service for its simplicity. They can offer their new customers service with very small investment that would otherwise cost thousands of EUR and huge headache.

To add secure national ID card login to your website click here.

Sometimes businesses say that 100% of persons do not know how to use their Smart-ID mobile app of know how to use their e-ID card. In this case it is still worth adding the e-ID support and service other customers in the office on paper or use much more expensive and slower solutions like Veriff

There are many reasons why you need to know who is the real person using your site. Among these are:

  • KYC (know you customer) in e-store to know who are you selling the goods. This gives you additional security and reduces fraud risk.
  • If you have contract with company utilities provider company already. For example one needs to get the list of previous period invoices. There is no need to go to the office in person to get the password. Instead go to the company website, login with ID-card and company already knows what past invoices to show you.
  • Age verification. In this case website could be selling tobacco or alcohol and only old enough people are allowed to buy.
  • Online pharmacy or medical service. In health systems it is especially important to know that you are dealing with right person.
  • Credit and loan institutions. If you want to buy new TV online and want to pay later then company needs to know who you are.
  • And endless list of other use cases.

Sign up at https://id.smartid.ee or call Margus +372 555 29 332 to discuss possible opportunities.

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